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Thermosun premazi-termoizolacijska barva
Thermosun premazi-termoizolacijska barva
Thermosun premazi-termoizolacijska barva



  • You are welcome to test the paint in our showroom.

  • You can also order 2 dcl of paint and test it yourself. Paint an area of 30 cm2. Then out one hand on the part painted with the THERMOSUN wall paint and the other one on the part with regular paint. You will feel the difference right away.

  • You can also test it by painting one side of a bottle with the THERMOSUN – energy saving wall paint, the other side with regular wall paint. Then fill it up with hot water. Place the hands on the painted parts. The part with regular paint will be unbearable to hold, because of the heath.



The goal of the thermal protection is the protection against moisture!

The savings amount to 15%. With three layers of this wall paint the savings amount up to 20%.

This finding is not new. The heating of the wet areas with wet walls, takes more energy than heating dry rooms with dry walls. The thermo - insulated facades are very effective against cold, at least until they get wet. On the other hand, they do not protect us against the moisture in the walls, which is the main cause of heat losses.

Even a 4% content of moisture in the construction material, reduces its insulating effect by approximately 50 %.


How does it work in practice?

The effects of the ThermoSun thermo – insulating effect are scientifically proven with l measurements of the thermal conductivity in both practical and dynamical circumstances. Theoretically (calculated) the estimated U-value can be lowered by 33 %. With lowering the thermal conductivity, we lower the heating costs.

What does the Thermosun have?

A very thin layer of the thermo – insulating coating ThermoSun allows a very firm grim. Due to its unique structure, it prevents the formation of micro cracks and bubbles, and it is UV radiation and mechanical resistant.

Multiple layers of the ThermoSun coating system improve the overall energy efficienc of each construction element with drying of the basis separating the moisture from it and optimal use of sun waves. The elements gain better long term insulating characteristics.


Summer with cooler and winter with warmer walls.

Thermosun technical data





+ Advantages of the thermosun wall paint

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+ Thermosun tecnical data sheet

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