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Thermosun premazi-termoizolacijska barva
Thermosun premazi-termoizolacijska barva
Thermosun premazi-termoizolacijska barva



THERMOSUN - The energy - saving wall paint. It contains 20% more hollow thermo-ceramic particles and therefore is capable of 20% more IR reflection, which adds to its saving ability. In combination with the infrared panels achieves exceptional results.

Thermosun technical data


To our more demanding clients, we offer THERMOSUN –the revolutionary energy-saving thermo -insulating wall paint. The new formula contributes to a bigger energy saving effect. In comparison to the thin layer of the paint needed, the savings with the THERMUSUN paint are high.

According to the IR spectrum, this wall paint allows a more even distribution of the heat, resulting in a living improvement. Its unique reflection skills make it one of a kind.


The investment pays off in less than two years. If we want to save money on heating and cooling, the answer is the THERMOSUN thermo insulating wall paint in every room.

The thermo - insulating coating system - ThermoSun is a thermo-ceramic protective coating, with a drying effect on the construction materials. As a result the constriction material, even under the impact of atmospheric changes, keeps a part of its theoretical insulation.

Energy savings allowed by the ThermoSun products are based on the discharge of moisture from the existing construction materials and reducing evaporation of the energy on the outer side of the wall.

With the Termosun coating system the walls will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Thermosun technical data


The savings amount to 15%. With three layers of this wall paint the savings amount up to 20%..

In spring and summer, when warmer, wicks away the moisture from the wall. . The surface painted with the thermo – ceramic coating behaves like the human skin during perspiration. The surface cools down, with the moisture evaporating, and the unpleasant heat is removed.

The thermo – insulation coating is made from ceramic bubbles (they were developed by Nasa, for the spacecraft coating purposes). With the help of vacuum were mixed into a specially developed acrylic foundation. They represent 47 % of the coating and give it an outstanding physical effect.


The key to heat protection is protection against mould!

This is not a new discovery. The heating of rooms with wet walls, takes a lot more energy than the heating of rooms with dry walls. If not moisten the thermo - insulating facade is suitable for protection against cold, but it does not protect against the mould in the walls. This is the key reason for energy losses.

Latest researches showed that a 4% content of moist in the used construction material, lowers its insulating effect up to 50%.

How does it work in practice?

The effects of the ThermoSun thermo – insulating effect are scientifically proven with l measurements of the thermal conductivity in both practical and dynamical circumstances. Theoretically (calculated) the estimated U-value can be lowered by 33 %. With lowering the thermal conductivity, we lower the heating costs.

What does the Thermosun have?

A very thin layer of the thermo – insulating coating ThermoSun allows a very firm grim. Due to its unique structure, it prevents the formation of micro cracks and bubbles, and it is UV radiation and mechanical resistant.

Multiple layers of the ThermoSun coating system improve the overall energy efficienc of each construction element with drying of the basis separating the moisture from it and optimal use of sun waves. The elements gain better long term insulating characteristics.


Thermosun – Is it steam permeable?

The bubbles in the paint, when drying, form small empty spaces in between. This allows an easier passage for air humidity.


What do you need to know about paint steam permeability?

  • What kind of bonding agent is used? Mineral bonding agents have a high quantity of of bonding parts, and allow high steam permeability, polymeric binders have less bonding parts, so a lower steam permeability,
  • • The quantity of the bonding agent? (higher the quantity, lower the permeability),
  • • Type of filling?(smaller filling mean less porosity).

Like new effect on walls – even with mechanical stress?

Even with an excessive mechanical stress the walls seem like new, due to ThermoSun coating system.

With a more even heat distribution the air does not circulate so much. This means that the dust does not circulate also The ceramic surface blocks the electrostatic charge and the binding of dust parts. Thermo – insulating paint can balance the moist in the air by storing it.


All effects make the thermo-ceramic paint the No.: 1 choice for usage in highly stressed and moist rooms, such as: bathrooms, saunas, cellars.


Cozy in winter – no more cold feet!

Hot head and cold feet on maximum heating mode! Typical winter feeling?! Not anymore.

The membrane in the thermo-ceramic coating makes the distribution of the heat more even. The temperature difference between floor and ceiling is less than 2°C. Also prevents condense and mould from forming. You will not need additional ventilation and the warmth will stay in your room.


With this coating the walls form a big ceramic surface, pottery stove like. In winter, it will send a long lasting warming feeling in your room.

The hollow ceramic balls are like mini heaters, they instantly conduct the heat from the source to walls and ceilings. They radiate the heat in the room. At the same time the moisture form the walls is transferred into the air. This is an important part for the insulating effect.

Temperture can be deceiving!

We have all experienced the effect of moisture on heat conductivity. Let’s make some examples. We are on vacation; the air temperature is 30°C. When we come out of the see, we are wet and a cold breeze forms around us. On the other hand in the mountains, we can get a nice sun tan and the air temperature is only 0°C. The humidity and the wind are important factors regarding energy loss. It does not matter if we talk about the human body or a house, with evaporations moisture uses energy. So many questions come to mind, and not many are answered when insulating premises. Why is the location of the building not taken in consideration? How big are the savings when we insulate rooms with one thick layer in a place with high humidity? What kind of insulation makes sense on a object? .




Why do we save money with Thermosun?


Rooms painted with ThermoSun lose less warmth when ventilating. Warmer walls withhold the warmth longer. As a result the costs for heating get lower.

It is advisable that in case with high humidity before painting , you dry out the walls with the IR panels SUNLIFE.More on www.ekosen.si. They can also be rented.


Because of the warmer walls, we can lower the temperature for 2°C, which allows the savings up to 14°%. The increased temperature by the legs, means that we do not have cold feet anymore. In a wooden house 20°C is enough to feel warm. In a concrete house you need at least 22°C. You can obtain the same effect with the Thermosun – thermopaint. It feels warmer by the touch of it. The walls do not cool you down. The central heating systems do not need to switch on so much. So the heating gets cheaper.


Long lasting durability (saving on paint, painters). Less chances for cracks. High mechanical resistance. Quick drying. Long term investment.


THERMOSUN – this thermo – insulating wall paint dries the walls. Wet walls lower the insulating effect up to 50%. With the THERMOSUN wall paint the mould will disappear.
In case of elevated humidity in the room, we dry the walls out with the IR SUNLIFE SUN IR panels. Then it is advised to paint the walls with the thermo – insulating wall paint.

With all this steps , the savings of money and energy go up to 20 %..



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